Faux painted clouds

Sky murals often referred to as “faux painted clouds” are a unique enhancement to any room or space. Ronald Layman has been painting sky murals for a variety of clients from casino’s, restaurants to residential properties for over 15 years.

When creating a sky mural we typical start with a client meeting to make sure we meet the objectives and goals of the clients expectations.

Most ceilings include Cirrus clouds, these are very high in the sky, that are “whispy ” and are ,ostly white patches of narrow bands.

The other cloud we typically use for our white “puffy” clouds are cumulus, cumulus are “low clouds” that are painted below the cirrus are a denser cloud with more defined outlines.

The combination of these two types of clouds are the ones most commonly seen on Ronald’s large scale ceiling projects, mainly due to the viewing perspective.

Basic overview of sky mural descriptions

  • Sky murals typical fall into  a few categories
  • Simple blue sky – a three color blended blue background with white, puffy (cumulus)clouds
    Complex blue – a seven color blended background with enhanced horizon tones with wispy clouds and defined cumulous clouds with soft ones added to create depth and interest.
  • Simple sunset – a 5 color blended background of blues and sunset tones with carefully placed high wispy clouds  (cirrus) and simple white puffy (cumulus) clouds toned with sunset colors.
  • Complex sky –  a 7 color backgrou8nd blend of blue and sunset colors with high whispy (cirrus) clouds enhanced with color to for added depth and complex cumulous clouds enhanced with sunset colors for that “wow” factor.
Ronald can also enhance your sky mural with backlight effect. With ultra violet lighting, black lighting effects can be added to enhance any design.
DSC_0085  simpleblue
cropped-DSC_0056_000.jpg DSC_0097

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